Support Groups for New Moms in Spokane

It’s no secret that new moms are faced with their own unique set of challenges.  It helps to have the support of others to ask questions and give and receive advice, especially if you don’t have your own support system nearby.

There are so many questions that can arise, and having someone there to listen to your struggles can provide the relief you need to know that you’re not alone. While you can always contact your care provider, fellow moms often offer a different perspective. They are there in the trenches going through all right alongside you!

Support Groups for New Moms in Spokane

If you’re looking for a support groups to guide you through the various stages of motherhood, here’s a list of some that are right here in the Spokane area!

Spokane Mama

The mission of Spokane Mama is, “To provide opportunity, resources, and support in order to eliminate the insecurity and isolation often felt in motherhood.”  They serve moms in all stages of life, from new mothers to grandmothers. Spokane Mama also offers an Ambassador Program and hosts events such as “The Community Connection Expo,”, where you’ll have the opportunity to learn about goods and services.

MOMS Club of Spokane, WA South Hill Valley

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, then this is the group for you. MOMS Club is “here to offer support, socialization, and encouragement to all moms who have made the choice to stay-at-home.” They offer a whole slew of opportunities to make new connections, including Coffee Mornings, Walking Club, MOMS Night Out, Playdates, and more!

Spokane Area Moms Group (Facebook)

Spokane Area Moms Group is a private Facebook group that is over 7,000 members strong. As noted on their page, “This group was created for moms of the Greater Spokane area to come together and meet new moms in the area, ask advice, and talk about anything to do with motherhood.”

Other Resources for Families and Parents

If you’re looking for other resources for families and parents, this extensive list provided by The Fig Tree includes resources for “Family Planning: Pregnancy, Infant & Maternity” and “Foster Care & Adoptions.”

If you’re looking for an OB/GYN to support you in your pregnancy from fertility to delivery and beyond, schedule an appointment with OB/GYN Associates of Spokane today!